8 April 2010

To: All Parish Priests and House Superiors

Reverend and dear Father / Brother / Sister,

Resuming Normal Practices at Eucharistic Liturgy

After consultation with healthcare professionals, the Diocese has decided to resume the normal practices at the eucharistic liturgy, as follows:

1. Churches and chapels may provide holy water again for the use of the faithful. The rite of blessing or sprinkling holy water may resume. The holy water is to be kept hygienic and to be refilled regularly.

2. Sunday collections are to be taken up during the Offertory.

3. The practice of Holy Communion under both species may resume. The ministers of Holy Communion and the faithful are to keep their hands clean when distributing or receiving Communion.

4. Special attention should be given to the hygienic conditions of Churches, chapels and Mass Centres where the eucharist is celebrated.

Wishing you the blessings of our Risen Lord,

Yours sincerely,

Rev. Lawrence Lee

Note: Parish Priests are requested to notify their parishioners and liturgical personnel accordingly.

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