Pastoral Letter from Cardinal John Tong

Pastoral Letter for Advent 2021

Easter Pastoral Letter 2021 Together we become witnesses to His resurrection. (Acts 1:22)

2021 Lenten Pastoral Letter

Christmas Message 2020

Pastoral Letter for Advent 2020 from our Apostolic Administrator

PASTORAL LETTER   In Communion with the Church

Family Letter from Cardinal Tong under the Pandemic

The 2020 Easter Pastoral Letter – Facing the epidemic with faith, hope and love

2020.2.20 Lenten-Message 2020

2020.2.13 Temporary Suspension of Public Masses on Sundays and Weekdays and Cancellation of the Liturgy of Ash Wednesday

2020.1.31 Facing the epidemic with faith, hope and love 

Christmas Pastoral Letter 2019

Pastoral Letter for Advent 2019

A Message for Pro-Life Day 2019

An Easter Message 2019

2019.3.6 Pastoral Letter of Cardinal John Tong
Looking at the Church with the Eyes of Faith

2019.2.28 Lenten Message from our pastoral administrator

2017.5.21 Message for the 2017 Pro-Life Day

2017.4.18 Easter greeting 2017 from Cardinal Tong

The future of the Sino-Vatican dialogue from an ecclesiological point of view
from Cardinal Tong -Sunday Examiner vol LXXI No.7

The communion of the Church in China with the universal Church
John Cardinal Tong, Bishop of Hong Kong (An article published in Kung Kao Po, Issue 3781)

Active participation in the coming election of the Legislative Council

Cardinal Tong’s Pastoral Letter for Easter 2016

Lenten Pastoral Letter 2016

A Christmas Message from Cardinal Tong 2015

Pastoral Letter for the Jubilee of Mercy

Cardinal John Tong’s Announcement in connection with the upcoming 2015 District Council Ordinary Election and other Elections in the future

Cardinal John Tong’s Pastoral Letter – Human Ecology & The Family: “Strengthen Marriage; Not Redefine It ! ”

Pastoral Letter of Cardinal John Tong Electoral Reform and the Well-Being of Hong Kong Society

Easter Pastoral Letter 2015

Consultation Questionnaire in Preparation for the Synod in Octorber 2015

Lenten Pastoral Letter from Cardinal Tong: From family reconciliation to living out Christian love

Christmas Pastoral Letter 2014

Pastoral Letter on the Year of Consecrated Life

Pastoral Letter from Cardinal John Tong
Proclaiming and Living the “Gospel of the Family” (Revised Version)

An urgent appeal from the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong regarding “Occupy Central”

In Support of Earnest Dialogue and Responsible Action
Pastoral Letter on the Electoral Reform and Livelihood

Vocation Month Pastoral Letter 2014

Easter Pastoral Letter 2014

Lenten Pastoral Letter: Faith comes to perfection with love 2014

Christmas Pastoral Letter 2013

Easter Pastoral Letter: Our Christian life – a lifelong catechumenate 2013

Lenten Pastoral Letter: From the Bible to Jesus Christ 2013

Pastoral Letter for the Year of Faith 2012

Appeal from Cardinal Tong for Caritas – Hong Kong’s annual fund-raising drive 2012

Easter Pastoral Letter 2012

Lenten Pastoral Letter 2012

Christmas Pastoral Letter 2011

Appeal from Bishop Tong for Caritas-Hong Kong’s annual fund-raising drive: Give Them a Ray of Hope 2011

Lenten Pastoral Letter: Following the Example of the Early Disciples 2011

Christmas Message 2010

Christmas Family Letter 2010

Appeal from Bishop Tong for Caritas-Hong Kong’s annual fund-raising drive

Easter Pastoral Letter: Learn from the Apostles 2010

Lenten Pastoral Letter: Take One More Step 2010

Christmas Family Letter 2009

Appeal for Caritas-Hong Kong’s annual fund-raising drive : Give Them a Ray of Hope

Bishop speaks on the Year of Vocations