Christmas Message 2016 of Cardinal John TONG
Bishop of Hong Kong Catholic Diocese


Dear friends, brothers and sisters,

Pope Francis issued a document this year entitledThe Joy of LoveIn this document, the Pope affirms that our faith can help our family to face any challenges in life.  The family is the most basic building block of a healthy society.

The future of our society counts on our younger generation.  When our young people are feeling hopeless, there will be no future for our society.  As grownups, we are obliged to listen when our young people are voicing out their thoughts, even if we do not always understand those thoughts.  Remember, we must try our best to listen to their voices.  After all, listening is the very first step leading to further dialogue.  If there is no further dialogue, there will be no communication.  And without communication, there is no way for us to come together to make our society a better place, a home in peace and harmony.

When we look back into the past year, our society of Hong Kong experienced various conflicts and pain.  Everyone is so tired.  As Christmas is near, I would encourage everyone to take a break, calm down and spend some time with their family.  If it so happens that you cannot really spend time with the family, for whatever reasons, give them a call or send them a short message.  Just to let them know that you love them and care about them.

I wish all of you and your families a Christmas filled with peace and joy.


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