Booking Information
for Auditorium and Meeting Rooms of
Hong Kong Catholic Diocese Centre (CDC)

A. Use of the Venue
Use of the venue is limited to Catholic communities and organizations for holding seminars, courses, pastoral activities or celebrations. The Diocese of Hong Kong has the discretion to all booking applications.

B. Opening Hours
8:00 am – 9:30pm.

C. Facilities

  1. The auditorium provides 186 seats with folding tablet arm. Basic facilities include air-conditioning and basic audio system. (2 wired microphones and 1 wireless microphone)

  2. Meeting Rooms A、B provide 70 and 60 seats respectively, facilities include seats, white board, air-conditioning, basic audio system (1 wired microphone) and over-head projection.

D. Charges

  1. Auditorium (Basic Service) HK$500 per hour, with a technician included. Venues will be opened 15 minutes before the time of rental, value-added options are provided with extra charge. Overtime fees of the Auditorium are charged on an hourly basis and part hours are charged as full hours.


Value-added options

Plan A — Video Presentation (DVD, PPT presentations, #users are required to bring their own laptop computer & VGA cable)

HK$100 per hour

Plan B — Simultaneous Interpretation (include 50 receiver-headphone sets, # Users have to arrange their interpreters themselves)

HK$300 per hour

Plan C – Digital Video Archiving (DV / DVD): 1 camcorder; Multiple camcorders (price negotiable)

HK$1000 per hour

Plan D – Live Web-casting Service

HK$1000 per hour

* Each value-added option is provided with relevant equipment and is operated by experienced technician.

Other charges: Receiver-headphone sets (2 language channels) : HK$10 each (total 150 sets)
Wireless Microphone : HK$50 each

  • Meeting Rooms (Basic Service) HK$250 per hour without a technician. Venues will be opened 15 minutes before the time of rental. Overtime fees of the Meeting Rooms are charged half-hourly.

E. Special Discounts

  1. A 30% discount for Diocesan Bureaux and Commissions.

  2. A 20% discount for Parishes.

  3. A 30% discount for consecutive booking of Auditorium of 10 sessions or more in a single application.

  4. A 20% discount for consecutive booking of Meeting Rooms of 10 sessions or more in a single application

* Discount offers cannot be combined.
* Offers are only applicable to Basic Service.
* Offers of Consecutive Booking are valid only in ONE single application.
* The HKCSCO reserves the rights to all final decisions.

F. Booking Information

  1. The CDC Auditorium and Meeting Rooms are the premises of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong, are jointly managed by Hong Kong Catholic Social Communications Office and Diocesan AV Centre.

  2. Only Catholic organizations and associations listed in the HK Catholic Church are entitled to make booking application.

  3. Application has to be made 1 weeks before the actual date of activity being held.

  4. Payment: A completed Booking Form together with the payment in cash or a crossed cheque should be sent to us no less than one week in advance. Cheque should be made payable to “Hong Kong Catholic Social Communications Office: (Tel: 3589 2428). Please return the application form together with a cheque and stamped self-addressed envelope by post to: Hong Kong Catholic Social Communications Office, 11/F., Catholic Diocese Centre, 16 Caine Road, HK.

  5. Click here to download the application form.


G. General Notes

  1. CDC Auditorium and Meeting Rooms are designated as non-smoking areas.

  2. No food or drink is allowed in the Auditorium.

  3. Users should keep personal belongings carefully. HKCSCO will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any personal belongings.

  4. Venues will be opened 15 minutes before the lease time and will be closed for 15 minutes after the end of the lease time If there is insufficient time, the party is advised to make longer hours of booking according to their own needs.

  5. All equipments should be operated according to technician’s instruction.

  6. No pins, nails, tape or any other fastening devices are allowed on the walls of the Auditorium; any damage and faults will be charged at the equal value.

  7. There are 70 and 60 chairs in Meeting Room A and B respectively. Chairs are moved by the party before using and moved to be returned to their original position after use.

  8. The applicant must be responsible for any damage or loss of fittings and equipments that requires repairing or replacement.

  9. All areas must be kept clean and tidy. All furniture must be returned to their proper place. Trash must be thrown away.

  10. Charges will be levied for overtime use of the venue. Overtime fees of the Auditorium are charged on an hourly basis and part hours are charged as full hours. Overtime fees of the Meeting Rooms are charged half-hourly.

  11. The venue must be returned before 9:30 p.m.

  12. When typhoon signal No. 8 or Black rainstorm is still valid three hours before the event commences, the event will be cancelled and there will be a refund of hire charge.

  13. If the observatory announces typhoon signal No. 8 upcoming during an event, the event will be terminated half an hour after the announcement to allow the participants to have enough time to leave the venue.

  14. Hall provides 186 fixed seats, to ensure that the means of escape is free, no one can sit or stand at corridors and stairways, the offenders will be asked to leave.