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Chancery Notices 20 March 2017


Cardinal John TONG will preside at the concelebrated “Chrism Mass” in the Cathedral at 11:00 a.m. The “Chrism Mass” signifies the close unity of all priests with their bishop in sharing and exercising with him the one priesthood of Christ. It also signifies the close communion between the bishop and his flock. On this occasion the priests present will publicly renew their commitment to priestly service. All diocesan and religious priests, as well as lay people, are cordially invited to participate.

II. GOOD FRIDAY – 14 April

(a ) Fast and Abstinence

All faithful who have completed their 14th year are to abstain from meat. Those who have completed their 18th year but have not yet begun their 60th year are also obliged to fast.

(b ) Holy Land Special Collection

It is the wish of the Holy Father that each year on Good Friday, in all churches, Mass centres and chapels with eucharistic services for the faithful, special prayers be offered and a special collection be taken up in support of our brethren in the Holy Land and the numerous pastoral, charitable, educational and social institutions and projects sponsored by the Church there. In view of the enormous expenses, the Holy See is appealing for a more generous support from us.

The collection may take place either during the celebration of the Lord’s Passion or during the pious exercise of the Way of the Cross.

The collection should be sent to the Diocesan Procuration with a cheque issued for this specific purpose and made payable to “The Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong”.


By virtue of a special faculty granted by Cardinal John TONG, priests who preside at the Easter Vigil liturgy and those who concelebrate may, for pastoral reasons, administer confirmation to adults and children who received baptism some time ago, provided they have been properly instructed.

Given at the Chancery Office,
20 March 2017.

Rev. Lawrence LEE

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