Statistics of the Diocese of Hong Kong


Local SituationTotal
Catholic Population404,000
After having assembled, screened and analyzed the data available in the Diocesan Computer Centre, it was estimated that in the Diocese of Hong Kong, amongst the local residents, the Catholic population as of 31 August 2019 was about 404,000.

In addition, amongst the non-residents living in Hong Kong, the Filipinos occupy a lion’s share. It was estimated that 181,000 of them were Catholics. As regards non-residents of other nationalities, it was estimated that 36,000 were Catholics. The total number of non-residents who are Catholics as of 3 l August 2020 was, therefore, about 217,000. The foregoing estimated figures were based upon the information supplied by the Government and the percentage of Catholic population by country provided by website.

Parishes: Hong Kong 14, Kowloon 21, New Territories 17

Of which: 21 are under the direction of the diocesan Clergy,

31 under the direction of Institutes’ priests.

Places for religious service: 39 Churches, 32 Chapels, 28 Halls99
Bishops residing in the Diocese

Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, SDB, Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong

Cardinal John Tong Hon, Apostolic Administrator of Hong Kong

Most Rev. Joseph Ha Chi-shing, OFM, Auxiliary Bishop of Hong Kong

Priests of the diocesan Clergy: 65 Chinese, 3 of other nationalities68

Priests of Institutes: 65 Chinese, 146 of other nationalities, belonging to

19 congregations


Transitional: 1 Diocesan, 8 From Institutes

Permanent: 27 Diocesan



Institutes Brothers: 39 Chinese, 35 of other nationalities, belonging to

12 congregations


Religious Sisters: 293 Chinese, 134 of other nationalities, belonging to

26 congregations 



7 Diocesan Seminarians (0 internship, 4 theology course,

3 philosophy course, 0 Orientation)

15 From other Dioceses (0 internship, 10 theology course, 5 philosophy course,

)belonging to 4 Institutes


Novices: 2 in men’s Institutes, 7 in women’s Institutes9
Candidates: 0 in men’s Institutes, 1 in women’s Institutes1

Pastoral Situation

Baptisms in the year: 342 up to 1 year old; 700 from I to 7 years old;

1,168 over 7 years old


Confirmations received in the year 

Marriages contracted: 90 between Catholics (14.42%)

531 with a non-Catholic party by dispensation (85.10%),

3 between a catechumen and a non-Catholic/another catechumen (0.48%)



Catechumens: 6,167 Children; 1,506 Men; 2,512 Women10,135
Catechists: paid-25 Sisters, 5 Women, 1 Men 31

Educational Institutions

(Note: The following statistics are compiled according to the practice of the Education Department: a primary school is considered as just one school, if the a.m. and p.m. sessions have the same principal, but two schools if these sessions have different principals until 1995 this Directory had adopted a different practice, considering every primary school with a.m. and p.m. sessions to be just one school.)

Schools: 32 Kindergarten, 105 Primary, 85 Secondary & Middle,

1 Vocational, 16 Adult Education, 8 Special Schools,

2 Post-Secondary

Of these schools: 99 are run by the Diocese, 36 by Caritas,

46 by Men congregations, 66 by Women congregations, 2 by the Laity.


Students: 10,325 in Kindergarten, 69,252 in Primary Schools, 57,253 in Secondary & Middle Schools, 271  in Vocational Schools,

3,872  in Adult Education Schools, 640 in Special Schools,

4,262 in Post-Secondary

Out of the total number of students, 17,728 are Catholic (12.15%)


Teachers: 29 Priests, 66 Sisters, 12 Brothers, 3,497 Lay Men,

8,461 Lay Women, 44 Men Pastoral Assistants,

99 Women Pastoral Assistants 

Among the Lay Teachers, 2,902 are Catholic (23·77%)


Social and Charitable Welfare

Main Caritas Social & Family Service Centres (229,907 people cared for)


Hospital (in-patients Dept.: 3,392 beds, 165,339 patients)6
Clinics & Hospital Out-patients Dept. (1,359,447 patients)13
Nursery & Child Care Centres (848 boys, 946 girls)15
Residential Homes for Girls (350 Residents)7
Residential Homes for the Aged (1,736 Residents)15
Centres for the Youth (177,625 people cared for)22
Centres for the Elderly (13,446 people cared for)21
Home Care Service (2,812people)10
Rehabilitation Service Centres (6,017 people cared for)33
Hostels & Lodges (128,682 Boarders)18
Camp Service (361 beds, 7,065 residents)5

Statistics of the Diocese of Hong Kong