The Vatican has just announced today that Pope FRANCIS has appointed the Reverend Stephen CHOW Sau-yan, a member of the Society of Jesus, as the new Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong.

Rev. Stephen CHOW, S.J., Bishop-elect, is aged 62.  He was born in Hong Kong in 1959 and was ordained a priest in Hong Kong in 1994.  He holds a Doctorate in Education from Harvard University, USA. Currently he is Provincial Superior of the Jesuit Chinese Province and Supervisor of Wah Yan College (Hong Kong and Kowloon).

In view of the arrangements of the Society of Jesus for the appointment of  a new Provincial Superior for the Chinese Province,  the episcopal consecration of Rev. Stephen CHOW will be postponed to 4 December 2021 (Saturday), with details to be announced later. 

In compliance with Church Law, Cardinal John TONG, currently Apostolic Administrator, will continue to be the head of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong until Rev. Stephen CHOW has received episcopal consecration and has taken canonical possession of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong (i.e, has officially taken office) at the Cathedral.

The Diocese will hold a press conference tomorrow, May 18 (Tuesday),  at 10:00am, at the Catholic Diocese Centre, 9/F, 16 Caine Road, Hong Kong,  for Rev. Stephen CHOW to meet with the media.

Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong

 17 May 2021


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  • By: davc