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As a first move to fully reconnect Hong Kong with the rest of the world through airline services, the Government announced on 8 August 2022 that with effect from August 12, the enhanced Vaccine Pass function will be adopted with the incorporation of the Red Code and Amber Code into the Vaccine Pass scheme to differentiate persons with higher risk of infection.  The details are as follows:

  • 1) Red Code:

This is applicable to all confirmed cases.  The persons concerned have to stay at designated isolation centres and are not allowed to leave.  Upon completion of their isolation, the “LeaveHomeSafe” (LHS) will automatically revert the Red Code to a Blue Code, i.e., the Vaccine Pass of ordinary persons, through Internet connection.

  • 2) Amber Code:

This is applicable to inbound persons from overseas places or Taiwan.  They must go through a mandatory “3+4” quarantine period, firstly in designated hotels, then under medical surveillance at home or at another location.  They are also not allowed to enter or remain in specific premises, including religious premises (i.e., churches, chapels or Mass centres).  When the medical surveillance period ends, the LHS application will automatically revert the Amber Code to a Blue code through Internet connection.


The pastoral guidelines announced in the Chancery Notice dated 27 May 2022 and entitled “Vaccine Pass” scheme (3rd stage) Applicable to Religious Premises, remain effective.

If feasible, Catholics with the amber code, not being able to enter a church or chapel to take part in the Sunday liturgy, may be allowed to attend the live Mass and receive Holy Communion in an open, spacious area nearby (for example, the parish hall or the open area adjoining the church or chapel), keeping social-distancing.  Otherwise, they can take part in an online Sunday Mass at home and receive spiritual Communion.

        Given at the Chancery Office,

12 August 2022.

Rev. Lawrence LEE


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