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With a view to enabling citizens to resume their normal daily lives in a continuous and orderly manner, and taking into consideration the pandemic development and relevant risks assessment, the Government announced on 28 December 2022 further relaxed anti-pandemic measures, which are to take effect from 29 December 2022.  The new measures include, among others, simplifying inbound control measures, removing the definition of close contacts and lifting those measures in relation to quarantine, the Vaccine Pass, group gatherings in public places and social distancing.  However, mask-wearing is still required in public places.

Therefore, the faithful can enter religious premises (i.e., churches or Mass centres) as under normal circumstances without anti-pandemic restrictions.  However, they are still required to put on a self-provided mask and maintain good personal and public hygiene.   Church premises should be kept hygienic too.

For the time being and until further notice, Holy Communion should be received only “in the hand”.  One’s hands should be sanitized before and after receiving Communion.

Given at the Chancery Office,

29 December 2022.

Rev. Lawrence LEE



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