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Date:        30 September 2020


Media Notice

Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong announcing the Resumption of Public Masses  :

In view of the subsiding of the Covid-19 epidemic wave in Hong Kong, the Government has relaxed its “Group Gathering” measures by amending the Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance [see Prohibition on Group Gathering Regulation (Cap. 599G), and  Annex 3].  On the basis of such relaxation, announced on 29 September 2020 and to be effective on 2 October 2020, Cardinal John TONG has decided to resume public Masses, in accordance with the following Diocesan Pastoral Guidelines:


1. Parish churches (applicable also to “affiliated Mass centres”) may resume public Masses on weekdays with effect from 2 October 2020 (Friday), and public Masses on Sundays from 4 October 2020 (Sunday). During Mass, the faithful may receive Holy Communion.

2. Cardinal John TONG, as a discretionary measure, permits the following alternatives to attending the Sunday Mass :

i)   Those who have worries that they might get infected by the pandemic if they come to  church to attend the Sunday Mass, may attend it online (and receive spiritual   Communion) or perform some acts of devotion, such as reading the Bible, etc.

ii)  As the congregation has to be limited to half of the normal capacity of the church,  members of the faithful may take part in a weekday Mass instead of the Sunday Mass.


3. For details of the related Diocesan Pastoral Guidelines, please refer to the website of the Diocese or check with your local parish for details.
Chancery Notice

Diocesan Pastoral Guidelines on the resumption of public Masses

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