The Episcopal Coat of Arms

Jesuit Symbol

IHS (ancient “Christogram”) is the first three Greek letters of “Jesus” IHΣOΥΣ. Three nails that nailed Jesus on the cross symbolize the three vows of religious life (obedience, poverty and chastity). They are for us the ways to follow Christ. The cross above the ‘H’ developed from a short horizontal line above the three letters denoting an abbreviation. A vertical line added later makes it into a cross. Sunrays symbolize the divinity of Christ.


Jesuit motto “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam” – For the Greater Glory of God. God does not need us to give Him glory, but we live and serve with the spirit of bringing God greater glory.


Giraffe has a big heart and it symbolizes compassion, inclusiveness and generosity. Its long neck allows it to have a vista with a wide horizon and a farreaching vision.

Central Symbol

Unity in Plurality. Respecting the uniqueness and independence of each person/unit symbolized by the different colors and shapes, with empathic understanding; while united with interconnected commonality symbolized by the intertwines; and developing towards a greater whole symbolized by the encompassing circles.

Dove with a Branch

The approaching dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit. Guided by the Spirit in discernment is the way forward. The olive branch with leaves in rainbow colors symbolizes Hope and the Promise of God for Life and Creation.

The Bridge

It is the Tsing-Ma Bridge connecting two pieces of land over water. The mission of our Church is to be a bridge for different parties to meet by moving over it. The flowing water underneath symbolizes the passing of time, which represents the ongoing mission of the Church.