What genetics is teaching us about sexuality

範疇 (D) 同性戀研究 1.ii. 科學研究.原因 編號 D1ii0002
作者 Steven M. Phelps, Robbee Wedow
題目 What genetics is teaching us about sexuality
日期 20190829
簡介 As researchers in biology and sociology who are also gay men, we have long wondered (and debated) whether sexual orientation has any biological basis.


study published Thursday in Science looked at the DNA and sexual behavior of nearly 500,000 people… Researchers since the 1940s have described sexual orientation as a single trait that exists on a scale, ranging from “exclusively heterosexual” to “exclusively homosexual.” But the new study suggests that sexuality is more diverse than that — many different things, rather than one thing in greater or lesser degrees.

But when the researchers tried to add up the contributions of each DNA variant they examined, they could predict less than 1 percent of the variation among study participants.

關鍵詞 Gay gene, Genetic influence, Sexual orientation, Scientific research, Policy implication 
來源 New York Times (PM)
連結 https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/29/opinion/genetics-sexual-orientation-study.html