Trends in family attitudes and values in Hong Kong

範疇(C) 性教育 7. 婚姻與家庭
作者Professor Nelson Chow & Dr. Terry Lum
題目Trends in family attitudes and values in Hong Kong
簡介This study found that family values and attitudes in Hong Kong have become more heterogeneous over the last three decades. On one hand, the general public remained traditional, in that it is best to get married and have children, not to divorce, not to get involved in any extra-marital affairs or homosexual relationships, and to support the older generations. On the other hand, people are becoming more receptive, both for themselves as for others, towards divorce, remarriage, cohabitation, pre-marital sex, childlessness, and a less traditional gender role.
關鍵詞Family, Divorce, Cohabitation, Same-sex sexual relationship, Child-bearing
來源Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong

Family Survey 2017 Final Report

範疇(C) 性教育 7. 婚姻與家庭
作者Policy 21 Limited
題目Family Survey 2017 Final Report
簡介With a view to gathering updated and empirical information on families in Hong Kong, the Family Council has decided to carry out similar surveys on a biennial basis to keep track of changes and development of Hong Kong families in terms of family structures, attitudes and values, etc. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were adopted in the Survey. A representative sample of 3,000 persons aged 15 or above was successfully enumerated during the period from September 2017 to August 2018, with a response rate of 57%.
關鍵詞Importance of Family, Parenthood, Family Functioning, Family Life, Work & Family
來源Family Council

Doing Families in Hong Kong

範疇(C) 性教育 7. 婚姻與家庭
作者Editors: Kwok-bun Chan, Agnes Ku, and Yin-wah Chu
題目Doing Families in Hong Kong
簡介This paper explores whether Hong Kong people are under the process of modernization/individualization in their family life.
關鍵詞Hong Kong, Modernization, Individualization, Family life
來源Brill & The Hague Academy of International Law

Defending Traditional Marriage

範疇(C) 性教育 7. 婚姻與家庭
作者American College of Pediatricians
題目Defending Traditional Marriage
日期March 2013
簡介The collective membership of the College has observed firsthand the effect of varied and changing family structures on the wellbeing of pediatric patients, and it is also familiar with the significant academic analysis and sociological data that augment understanding of these issues. The College presents this analysis of the effect of various parenting models and family structures on the development and wellbeing of the children under the care of America’s pediatricians.
來源American College of Pediatricians