Disliked and Demonized Dollies: Pediophobia and Popular Toys of the Present

範疇(C) 性教育 1. 文化討論
作者Katriina Heljakka
題目Disliked and Demonized Dollies: Pediophobia and Popular Toys of the Present
簡介This study explores the phenomenon of pediophobia and popular character toys of the present day. Pediophobia, or, the fear of dolls, is a common reaction when discussing character toys with adults. By turning to a combination of various research materials concerned with popular toys, their characteristics, and the audiences who dislike and dismiss them such as previous research papers, media texts and interviews with adult toy players, my aim is to locate the joint phenomenon of the disliked ‘dollies’ and pediophobia in popular culture, the currently communicated reasons for it, and the strategies for avoiding encounters with the ‘dislikeys’.
關鍵詞Doll design, Dolls, Pediophobia, Toys, Uncanny

A Revolutionary View of Gender

範疇(C) 性教育 1. 文化討論
作者Marc Barnes
題目A Revolutionary View of Gender
簡介The ancient world saw sexual difference as a tragedy; Christianity affirmed the goodness of being created male and female. How they shed light on today’s debate
關鍵詞Gender Dysphoria, Male, Female
來源Catholic Herald magazine