‘Seahorse’ transgender man loses challenge to be named father

範疇(F) 同運動態 2.ii . 同性撫養(案例).外國
作者BBC News
題目‘Seahorse’ transgender man loses challenge to be named father
簡介A transgender man, who has given birth to a child and does not want to be described as “mother” on a birth certificate, has lost a legal battle. Freddy McConnell wanted to be registered as “father” or “parent”. But a High Court judge ruled the status of “mother” was afforded to a person who carries and gives birth to a baby.
關鍵詞Transgender man, Legal battle, Birth certificate, Single parent, Parenthood
來源BBC News

Family Survey 2017 Final Report

範疇(C) 性教育 7. 婚姻與家庭
作者Policy 21 Limited
題目Family Survey 2017 Final Report
簡介With a view to gathering updated and empirical information on families in Hong Kong, the Family Council has decided to carry out similar surveys on a biennial basis to keep track of changes and development of Hong Kong families in terms of family structures, attitudes and values, etc. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were adopted in the Survey. A representative sample of 3,000 persons aged 15 or above was successfully enumerated during the period from September 2017 to August 2018, with a response rate of 57%.
關鍵詞Importance of Family, Parenthood, Family Functioning, Family Life, Work & Family
來源Family Council