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Hong Kong Catholic Church Directory

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Hong Kong Catholic Church Directory   Advance Search: The Diocese of Hong Kong information Update The Diocese of Hong Kong Address : 16 , Caine Road , Mid-Level, Central , Hong Kong Tel : (852) 3589-2478

CHANCERY NOTICE 11 December 2017

Relevance: 40%      Posted on: 14/12/2017

CHANCERY NOTICE   WORLD DAY OF PEACE  The Catholic Church will celebrate the 51st WORLD DAY OF PEACE on Monday, 1 January 2018.  The main theme is: "Migrants and refugees: men and women in search of peace".   In response to the Holy Father’s appeal to promote world peace, Bishop Michael YEUNG will on this occasion preside at a special concelebrated Mass at the Cathedral at 10:00 am.  Both clergy and laity are cordially invited to participate.   Parishes are to follow the Proper of the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God for the eucharistic liturgy on 1 January.  They…

Relevance: 24%      Posted on: 12/12/2019

CHANCERY NOTICE I.DIOCESAN GUIDELINES IN CONNECTION WITH THE PREMISES OF CHURCHES AND DIOCESAN OFFICES   Cardinal John TONG has promulgated the following diocesan guidelines in connection with the premises of churches and diocesan offices with immediate effect: 1. The premises of churches and diocesan offices are reserved for liturgical, pastoral or administrative purposes. 2. In the case of genuine needs or emergency, out of charity or for humanitarian grounds, the premises of churches and diocesan offices may be used temporarily for repose, first aid, medical treatment or a point of contact for hospital referrals. 3. (a) Under Item 2 above,…

Christmas Pastoral Letter 2002

Relevance: 22%      Posted on: 02/11/2016

Christmas Pastoral Letter 2002 Glory to God in the Highest “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace to men who enjoy his favour.” (Luke 2:14) Every year the angels bring this message to all the corners of the world where Christmas is celebrated. Peace is the most cherished treasure everybody seeks to defend if possessed, or search for if still beyond their grasp. Too many people are agonising under the threat of war or terrorism, too many innocent people, especially children, the elderly and women, are suffering from the consequences of war, famine, disease, embargo, loss of their…

Christmas Pastoral Letter 2006 “Your sins are forgiven. Do not sin again”

Relevance: 20%      Posted on: 02/11/2016

Christmas Pastoral Letter 2006 “Your sins are forgiven. Do not sin again” Dear brothers and sisters, Christ is born. Let the world rejoice! During Advent the Liturgy of the Church makes use of the Gospel readings to show that the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled in Jesus: He makes the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk and the broken hearts consoled. But the greatest miracle is to have sins forgiven. “My child, your sins are forgiven!” That is the true liberation! However, it is strange that this sentence is not always welcome. The Pharisees questioned Jesus where did…

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Advent Pastoral Letter 2002

Relevance: 18%      Posted on: 02/11/2016

Advent Pastoral Letter 2002 Rediscovering the Beauty of the Holy Rosary Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, At the time you were devoutly praying the Rosary during the vigil for our beloved Cardinal John Baptist Wu and as I related his life to the mystery of the Rosary during the Requiem Mass, the Holy Father was writing an apostolic letter exulting the faithful to rediscover the beauty of the Rosary. During Advent, in this Year of the Rosary, may we use with special fervour, especially in our families, this powerful prayer tool. The prayers of the Rosary are simple and…


Relevance: 17%      Posted on: 28/10/2016

MESSAGE OF HIS HOLINESS POPE BENEDICT XVI FOR  Silence and Word: Path of Evangelization [Sunday, 20 May 2012] Dear Brothers and Sisters, As we draw near to World Communications Day 2012, I would like to share with you some reflections concerning an aspect of the human process of communication which, despite its importance, is often overlooked and which, at the present time, it would seem especially necessary to recall. It concerns the relationship between silence and word: two aspects of communication which need to be kept in balance, to alternate and to be integrated with one another if authentic dialogue…

Relevance: 12%      Posted on: 02/03/2017

Bishop’s pastoral letter for Lent Repent and believe in the Gospel! (Mark 1:15) Dear brothers and sisters in Christ These words from the Bible tell us Lent is coming and remind us to see life as a pilgrimage. We are seekers in mind and spirit. This journey that begins in the heart leads us to search for God’s will in our lives. A pilgrim is not a tourist. The goal of a pilgrimage far exceeds what any place that we can arrange to visit can offer. Rather, it is the experience of getting closer to Christ—to dwell in God—so we…

Pastoral letter for the Holy Week 2007

Relevance: 11%      Posted on: 01/11/2016

Pastoral letter for the Holy Week 2007 Dear brothers and sisters, This year I want to anticipate my Easter letter, which is now coming in your hands on Palm Sunday. My desire is that you meditate it from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, I am transmitting to you a very important message.   Palm Sunday is now celebrated as Youth day for the Dioceses (our Diocese, for practical reasons, has moved it to summer time, this year will be for the 5th of August) and the Holy Father assigns a topic for the occasion. This year’s is very important: “love…

Relevance: 11%      Posted on: 28/11/2020

Pastoral Letter for Advent 2020 from our Apostolic Administrator The past months saw the mandatory isolation measures of varying degrees adopted by all countries across the globe with a view to deterring the contagious spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Such measures not only impede the interpersonal social contact, but also critically affect the normal operations of every society. Given that the Church constitutes an integral part of the social community, chances are rather remote for her to conduct her normal public activities, including liturgical ceremonies, formation, charity, celebrations and the like. How should the Church respond when the Covid-19 pandemic…

(繁體中文) 教廷新聞主任談性侵犯事件 「對真理的不倦追尋和熱愛是需要的」

Relevance: 9%      Posted on: 01/11/2016

Fr. Lombardi: "For love of the truth..." The editorial read by the pope's spokesman on Vatican Radio on April 9. The most important official pronouncement on pedophilia after Benedict XVI's letter to the Catholics of Ireland by Federico Lombardi The debate concerning sexual abuse, and not only that committed by the clergy, continues with news items and comments of various kinds. How can we sail through these stormy waters while maintaining a secure course and responding to the evangelical motto "Duc in altum," put out into the deep? In the first place, by continuing to seek truth, and peace for…


Relevance: 9%      Posted on: 14/06/2017

MESSAGE OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS FOR THE 51st WORLD COMMUNICATIONS DAY   «Fear not, for I am with you» (Is 43:5): Communicating Hope and Trust in our Time   Access to the media – thanks to technological progress – makes it possible for countless people to share news instantly and spread it widely. That news may be good or bad, true or false. The early Christians compared the human mind to a constantly grinding millstone; it is up to the miller to determine what it will grind: good wheat or worthless weeds. Our minds are always “grinding”, but it…


Relevance: 9%      Posted on: 28/10/2016

MESSAGE OF HIS HOLINESS POPE BENEDICT XVI FOR THE 47th WORLD COMMUNICATIONS DAY "Social Networks: portals of truth and faith; new spaces for evangelization." [Sunday, 12 May 2013] Dear Brothers and Sisters, As the 2013 World Communications Day draws near, I would like to offer you some reflections on an increasingly important reality regarding the way in which people today communicate among themselves. I wish to consider the development of digital social networks which are helping to create a new “agora”, an open public square in which people share ideas, information and opinions, and in which new relationships and forms…


Relevance: 9%      Posted on: 01/03/2018

CATHOLIC DIOCESE OF HONG KONG POSITION STATEMENT ON GENDER RECOGNITION The Basic Stance   In view of the growing advocacy of the transgender ideology, the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong wishes to clearly state its position in line with the teaching of the Catholic Church.   The Diocese has explicitly stated, in its response to the Gender Recognition Public Consultation conducted by the Hong Kong SAR Government in the second half of 2017, that it strongly cautions against and does not support “the introduction of a gender recognition scheme to enable a person to acquire a legally recognized gender other…