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Diocesan Administrator to be elected after Funeral Rites of Bishop Michael Yeung

Canon 419 of the Code of Canon Law prescribes that “While the see is vacant and until the appointment of a Diocesan Administrator, the governance of the diocese devolves upon the Auxiliary Bishop ….” Thus Bishop Joseph HA Chi-sing, OFM, as Auxiliary Bishop, is for the time being in charge of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong, which is left vacant by the death of Bishop Michael YEUNG Ming-cheung.

Bishop Joseph HA, on the advice of the Board of Diocesan Consultors, has decided that the election of the Diocesan Administrator will be held promptly, in accordance with Canons 419 and 421, after the funeral rites of Bishop Michael YEUNG have taken place. The Diocesan Administrator, once elected, will govern our Diocese until a new Diocesan Bishop, appointed by the Holy See, takes office.

Rev. Lawrence LEE
4 January 2019

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