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      We have learnt with much concern that some youngsters, in view of the recent social turmoils in Hong Kong, have become so confused and perplexed as to reach the point of despair.  On the other hand, we find much consolation in the fact that quite  a lot of good-hearted people, among them social workers, have generously offered their resources in aid of those who are sore in need of care and comfort.

       In all earnestly, therefore, we make the following appeal:

1. We call on the SAR Government and all sectors of society, with one mind and heart, to work together promptly to seek solutions to our current dilemma.  Above all, we call for a “reconnect” with our young people through dialogue, that we may attend to their aspirations and grievances, and help them to rediscover their goals in life.

2. We call on the social service sector to carry on its role of alleviating the pains and wounds of our young people, helping them to aim at a life that is fulfilling. The Diocese of Hong Kong will avail of its resources to give support to social workers.

Cardinal John TONG

Apostolic Administrator of Hong Kong

4 July 2019

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