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Taking into account the widening spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and the rapidly growing number of confirmed cases both globally and locally, and having consulted medical professionals, Cardinal John TONG has revised with immediate effect the anti-pandemic pastoral measures of our Diocese, as follows:

1. Weekday and Sunday public Masses are to remain suspended; it is expected that this pastoral measure will have to be enforced for a relatively long period.

2. Parishes and affiliated chapels are to remain open to the faithful, for private prayers and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Having consulted the Government, it is the understanding of the Diocese that so as long as those in a church keep a distance of two metres between themselves, and there is no gathering, the number of persons inside a church may be more than four.

3. The Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, in a simplified form that does not involve social contact, may be held in a church for the spiritual benefit of the faithful. The “Simplified Rite” will be provided by the Diocesan Liturgy Commission.

4. Weddings and funerals may be held in a church, in compliance with the latest Regulation of the Government restricting group gatherings.

5. It is not advisable to celebrate the baptisms of infants and adults, until such time as public Masses can be resumed. By then, the Diocese, judging by the actual circumstances, will consider appropriate ways for administering baptisms, such as baptizing the candidates in small groups.

Given at the Chancery Office,
7 April 2020.

Rev. Lawrence LEE


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