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ALL SOULS DAY (2 November 2021, Tuesday)

The following information is a supplement to the Chancery Notice of 11 October 2021 regarding “All Souls Day” (see Sunday Examiner, 17 October 2021, p.3):

  1. 1.Before entering the chapel in a cemetery, the faithful are required to scan the “LeaveHomeSafe” venue QR code or to record their names, contact telephone numbers and the dates and times of their visits on registration forms.  The data collected will be kept for 31 days and will solely be used by the Government for contact tracing purposes in preventing further spread of the virus.

[Please refer to “Health Advice on Prevention of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) for Religious Assembly (Interim)”, II, C, (p), issued by the Centre for Health Protection, see the website link:

  1. 2.When entering a chapel, the faithful should put on a face mask, take body temperature and cleanse their hands with sanitiser. The use of holy water at the chapel entrance is suspended.

  1. 3.The faithful, whether inside a chapel or in the open areas outside, should keep adequate social-distancing.

  1. 4. Once the Mass is concluded, the faithful should leave the chapel and the cemetery, and avoid socialising.

Given at the Chancery Office,

25 October 2021.

Rev. Lawrence LEE