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Bishop Chow to visit to the Diocese of Beijing

At the invitation of Bishop Joseph Li Shan of the Diocese of Beijing, Bishop Stephen Chow, SJ, of the Diocese of Hong Kong, along with Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Ha, OFM and vicar general Father Peter Choy, will travel to the Diocese of Beijing for a five-day visit from 17th April.

According to Bishop Chow, this visit underscores the mission of the Diocese of Hong Kong to be a bridge Church and promote exchanges and interactions between the two sides. The invitation was received sometime last year from the Diocese of Beijing and accepted in the spirit of brotherhood in the Lord toward the end of last year.

In addition to the three priests, the delegation will include the bishop’s personal assistant, Wong Ka-chun. The bishop requests his brothers, sisters and friends in Christ to pray for the success of the visit.

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  • By: davc
  • By: davc