John Cardinal Tong, Apostolic Administrator of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong’s appeal on 25 March 2020 :

(1) Join Pope Francis and all Christians in praying the Lord’s Prayer

He called on parishioners to join Pope Francis in praying the Lord’s Prayer tonight
(25 Mar 2020) at 7pm (HK time), noon in Rome to implore God to rid the world of the coronavirus pandemic. 

(2) All public masses in Holy Week and Easter cancelled

He announced that there will be no open liturgies for Easter this year.  Sunday mass, daily mass and other liturgies will also be suspended till further notice. (#For details, please refer to the upcoming Chancery Notice)
天主教香港教區宗座署理 湯漢樞機於2020年3月25日呼籲之視頻
天主教香港教區宗座署理 湯漢樞機於2020年3月25日呼籲全文

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