Damages to Niches of St. Raphael’s Catholic Cemetery (Cheung Sha Wan) – Update

With reference to the incident of damaged niches at St Raphael’s Catholic Cemetery, the staff team has completed the inspection of all the niches at the cemetery, a total of over 28,000 niches. As of 5pm today (5 September 2018), a total of 92 niches were found to have been damaged. The damaged niches were located at Section 48 to 54 with one located at Section 41. Apart from family of the affected contacting the cemetery office, staff team has been trying to contact the affected family by phone. For affected families not reachable by phone, a notification was sent by registered post to the address according to the cemetery record.

Members of the Diocesan Curia shared the pain of the affected families. Though it is not the responsibility of the Diocese for any damages according to para. 19 of the Rules of the Catholic Cemeteries, we respect our ancestors, our predecessors. After an emergency meeting of the Board of Diocesan Cemetery earlier today, it was decided that the Diocese will make arrangements to repair the damaged niches once the police has completed the investigation and re-open the sealed sections which at this moment is a crime scene. The Diocese will absorb the repair cost incurred. Hope that would ease the pain and sorrow of the families affected.

The Diocese will also dedicate a mass for the incident on October 6, 2018 (Saturday) at 10:30 a.m. officiated by Rev. Dominic Chan. Affected families and all fellow Catholics are invited to join the holy mass at the Cemetery Chapel, St. Raphael’s Cemetery, Cheung Sha Wan. Let us pray together for the deceased and whoever causing damage to the niches.

Rules of the Catholic Cemeteries https://vgoffice.catholic.org.hk/doc/grave/rules_of_the_catholic_cemeteries_chi.pdf



Vicar General’s Office website with the update list of niches damaged



Special interview related to the incident by Kung Kao Po