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Chancery Notices 14 October 2016


The Election Committee (“EC”), which consists of 1,200 members, is constituted under the Chief Executive Election Ordinance (“CEEO”) for the purpose of electing the Chief Executive (“CE”) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The EC for the next election of the CE to be held in March 2017 is being formed. In accordance with the CEEO and the Electoral Affairs Commission (Electoral Procedure) (Election Committee) Regulation, ten members of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong, as a designated body under the EC Religious Subsector, are to serve on the EC.

Catholics who wish to join the EC are to submit their written applications either by hand or by registered mail to the Chancery Office, 16, Caine Road, 12/F, Hong Kong [indicating on the envelope: Election Committee (Chief Executive Election) ] by 7 November (before 5:00pm) at the latest.

Apart from complying with the other electoral requirements, a Catholic applicant must provide in the application letter his/her name, address, parish, tel/fax numbers and e-mail for contact purposes, together with the following documents: (1) a copy of his/her Identity Card; (2) a copy of his/her baptism certificate; (3) evidence in support of a substantial connection with the Catholic Church (such as a document indicating: membership of a lay association / church organization, or participation in a formation programme, or a service rendered to a parish or to the diocese; a letter issued by a parish priest attesting to applicant’s links with a parish, etc.).

On receiving the application, the Chancery Office will notify the applicant of the date and time for filling in the required official forms.

The Diocesan Curia will only be responsible for verifying the Catholic identity of the applicants and for presenting the full name list to the competent Returning Officer during the period from 8 November to 14 November 2016 (both days inclusive). If there are more than ten applicants, the Returning Officer will, in accordance with the CEEO and in the presence of a diocesan representative, draw lots to determine which ten will become members of the EC.

For enquiries, please contact the Chancery Office at 2523 2487 or 2843 4669.

Given at the Chancery Office,
14 October 2016.

Rev. Lawrence LEE

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