Prayer for Hong Kong Society and the Church

Heavenly Father, you are the Creator of everything that exists and Father of the human family.  We implore you to bless the people of Hong Kong, that they may treat one another as brothers and sisters, with open-mindedness, forbearance and a sense of solidarity.  May they work together to promote the common good. 

Lord Jesus Christ, you are the Incarnate Word of God and Image of the Father as the God of Mercy.  You are also the Lord of human history who unfailingly care for mankind under all circumstances.  We implore you to bless the People of God in Hong Kong, so that, through love of God and neighbours, they may bear witness to the Gospel.  Help them to see your self-sacrifice on the Cross and your love and forgiveness of enemies as their supreme model.  May they contribute their talents and charisms  to building up a Church that is united and yet allows for diversity.  May our faithful become the salt of the earth and the light of the world, with a preferential option for the poor and the needy.  While striving for the well-being of our earthly society, may they not lose sight of the Kingdom of Heaven as their ultimate goal.

Holy Spirit, you are the source of truth, life, charity and grace.  We implore you to enlighten Church leaders, that they may attend to the People of God like the Good Shepherd.  Inspire and guide those who hold public offices, so that, in implementing sound policies, they may promote justice and uphold human dignity.

O Most Holy Trinity, our beloved city, Hong Kong, is in the midst of a global viral pandemic, a severe economic recession and social instability.  May the faithful, in communion with one another and in solidarity with the people of Hong Kong, be sustained by your grace and face the current challenge with  faith and hope.  Amen.  (The Our Father and Hail Mary may be said.)

Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong

 September 2020


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–Pastoral Letter in Communion With The Church

–Summary of the Pastoral Letter

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