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By mandate of Cardinal John TONG, Apostolic Administrator, some current regulations on funeral and burial services are reiterated as follows, for observance by the clergy, the faithful, as well as the staff of parishes and Catholic cemeteries:

1. The Diocese provides burial services for the faithful through the Catholic Cemeteries in Hong Kong. However, the Diocese does not own or operate any organization that provides funeral and burial services. Nor has the Diocese specifically endorsed, recommended or designated any particular funeral service or burial service providers, or entrusted services to any of them, or maintained business relationship or partnership with any of them.

2. Parochial bereavement groups offer free assistance to parishioners in organizing funeral and burial services for their deceased family members, as a gesture of Christian solidarity and charity. No fees or commissions are charged. The clergy officiating at funeral and burial services are carrying out their pastoral duties, which are also free of charge. They do not enter into joint business ventures or have any dealing with funeral service or burial service providers.

3. The Permit for burial at a Catholic Cemetery is issued free of charge.

4. Any donation or remuneration freely given to a parochial bereavement group by a deceased Catholic’s family on the occasion of a funeral or burial service should be handed over in full to the parish office. No travel allowance should be claimed by those rendering bereavement services from the family of a deceased Catholic. In special cases, where travel allowances are needed, such requests should be referred to the parish office.

5. At the death of a Catholic, his/her family members or friends should promptly contact his/her Parish Priest and make funeral and burial arrangements directly with him and with the staff of the Catholic cemetery concerned. Such arrangements should not be left in the hands of third parties, especially those requesting pecuniary rewards for the arrangements. It is also highly inappropriate to delegate third parties to look for clergy to officiate at funeral and burial services.


In order to avoid abuses, the foregoing regulations are to be strictly observed. Action will be taken against those who do not comply with them.


Cardinal John TONG has appointed/reappointed the following to be Commission members for a two-year term, effective 1 May 2019:

Mr. Patrick LEUNG Siu-sun, Chairperson
Mr. LAU Kar-wah, Legal Adviser
Mr. Antony SIN Ming-hei, Legal Adviser
Dr. Mary YUEN Mee-yin, Adviser
Mr. Andrew G. HUNG, Auditor
Rev. Timothy WAN Kwok-kwong
Rev. Deacon Joseph CHOW Yu-hong
Rev. Deacon Anthony SIN Yiu-fat
Mr. Amos CHAN Siu-lok
Mr. Andrew Brian CHONG Chiu-hon
Ms. Ivy CHOY Man-fai
Mr. William CHU Wai-leung
Mr. Clement CHUM Kwok-leung
Ms. Agnes LEE Yuen-yee
Ms. MA Yuk-pik
Mr. Charles SOO Kin-fung
Mr. Edward TAM Wai-keung


Ex Officio Members:

Mr. Peter LAU Chiu-yin, Episcopal Delegate for Education
Rev. David CHAN, Diocesan Procurator
Rev. Deacon Andrew AU Gar-wai, Assistant Diocesan Procurator

Appointed Members:

Cardinal John TONG has appointed/reappointed the following to be members for a two-year term, effective 1 May 2019:

Ms. Polly CHAN Shuk-yee, Chairperson
Ms. Louisa LO Wing-kum, Vice-chairperson
Ms. CHAN Pai-kei
Mr. Steven HON Sze-ping
Mr. LEUNG Hau-yau
Mr. TONG Hing-keung
Ms. TSANG Po-shan
Ms. YIP Chun-yin
Mr. YOUNG Shun


The 53rd World Communications Day will be celebrated on the Solemnity of the Ascension, 2 June 2019. The main theme is ‘We are members one of another. (Eph. 4:25). From social network communities to the human community’.

In accordance with the usual practice, a second collection for the promotion of the media apostolate in our diocese is to be taken up at all public Masses.

Cheques should be made payable to “The Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong” and sent to the Diocesan Procuration.

Given at the Chancery Office,
20 May 2019.

Rev. Lawrence LEE

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