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Chancery Notice


With a view to promoting the ministry of catechist as envisaged by Pope Francis in his Apostolic Letter “ANTIQUUM MINISTERUM” (dated 10 May 2021), Bishop Stephen CHOW, S.J., has appointed the following to be members of the newly formed Ad Hoc Working Group on Formation of Catechetical Ministry for a two-year term, effective 1 April 2022:

Rev. Peter CHOY Wai-man, VG, Chairperson and Convener

Rev. Giovanni GIAMPIETRO, PIME, Adviser

Rev. Stephen TONG, S.J., Adviser

Rev. John Baptist TSANG Hing-mun, Adviser

Rev. Matthias CHOI Chun-yuen, OFM

Rev. Martin IP Po-lam

Rev. Andrew KIM, KMS

Rev. Thomas KWAN Tsun-tong

Rev. Joseph LIU Ah-lun

Rev. Joseph NG Shu-shing

Rev. William YIP Hing-wah

Sr. Teresa CHAN, FMM

Sr. Selina LEUNG Suk-ying, SPB

Sr. Anne Pauline NGUYEN, SPC

Mr. John CHAN Wing-kin

Mr. Louis CHONG Chi-ming

Mr. Henry CHU Tak-shun

Ms. Connie CHUNG To-hing

Ms. Amelia KWAN Oi-wah

Ms. Amelia LAU Tung-huen

Mr. Alfred SO Ying-lun

Ms. Emiline WONG Suk-man

Ms. Victoria YEUNG Yuk-lin


If feasible, parishes are recommended to broadcast the Holy Week Liturgy live for their parishioners to take part online.  Reference should be made to the “Note on the Celebration of Holy Week 2022” (Prot. No. 182/22, dated 25 March 2022) issued by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments (to be sent to parishes again by the Diocesan Liturgy Commission via fax and email).  The broadcasting of online liturgy should comply with social distancing measures currently in force. 

The Paschal Triduum to be officiated by Bishop Stephen CHOW, S.J., and to be broadcast live at the diocesan website, www.catholic.org.hk, are scheduled as follows:


Chrism Mass, at 11:00a.m.

The Mass of the Lord’s Supper, at 8:00p.m.

GOOD FRIDAY – 15 April 


Celebration of the Lord’s Passion, at 3:00p.m.



Easter Vigil, at 8:00p.m.

  • III. GOOD FRIDAY – 15 April

  • a) Fast and Abstinence

All faithful who have completed their 14th year are to abstain from meat.  Those who have completed their 18th year but have not yet begun their 60th year are also obliged to fast.

  • b) Holy Land Special Collection

It is the wish of the Holy Father that each year on Good Friday, in all churches, Mass centres and chapels with eucharistic services for the faithful, special prayers be offered and a special collection be taken up in support of our brethren in the Holy Land and the numerous pastoral, charitable, educational and social institutions and projects sponsored by the Church there.  In view of the enormous expenses, the Holy See is appealing for a more generous support from the faithful of our Diocese.

The faithful can make their donations through cash or cheque, sent to the respective parish offices (cheques should be made payable to the parishes concerned, with the indication “Good Friday Donation to the Holy Land”at the back.).   Parishes should sent the collection to the Diocesan Procuration with a cheque issued for this specific purpose and made payable to “The Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong“. 

Given by the Chancery Office,

4 April 2022.

 Rev. Lawrence LEE


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